Febuary 2001
May 1999

Well you've come this far I guess you'd like to know alittle more about the person behind this web page. My name is Greg (as you know), I am 28 (Geez even older then the last time I editted this!!)
I am 6'2" short hair (Tried the Long Hair for a year had some fun but now back to short hair) brown hair and eyes that change from brown to green.  As you can see from these pics I have experimented with many different looks to see which I like best (and yet I still am pretty inpartial to any of them). 

Job wise, well I have a few! During the day I am a Certified Network Engineer (Novell CNE level 4.x, 5.x Microsoft MCSE and Citrix CCA). I Build Install and service networks and phone systems. For a while second Job was as a teacher (at nights). I am a teacher of computer repair (basically I practice what I preach!).  Unfortionitly i had to stop doing this for now because alot of days i work late and would have had to cancle classes.  But I do miss it.  I also used to work from time to time at Island Rock as a Rock climbing instructor and belaying kids parties.  Last year I was a Ski Instructor on weekends (something about instructing sports always seems to attract me).  Down the road I'd like to start my own buisness in the computer field and/or music industry.

January 2000
Activity wise I have many (check the bottom of this page for links to them and their pictures). I am a musician, a mountain biker, windsurfer, skiier. Other sport hobbies include: Indoor rock climbing, tennis, roller blading, Roller hockey (to name a few)

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