08/04/02 2:00 PM  FINALLY beat an OLLLLD goal of mine!!  For the last few years i've tried to do a jump flip on the trampoline and land back on my feet.  My coach Charlie was witness to this!!!  Of course anyone can do something once, its known as luck so he asked me to do it again and after about 8 bad ones I once again landed the flip.  The amazing thing about the two flips I did was that both times it was a clean landing with no motion.  Charlie was impressed and went to show me how it was cleaner then his backflip when he used up one of his nine lifes (he's a CAT at heart) by overshooting his back flip and landing between the springs.  Not injured he got back up and did another flip (now thats guts!).

05/17/02 11:00 PM Ok a few months later and atleast i'm more awake this time!!  To catch up on everything over the past few years,  first off in the near future I plan on making a page on my website to memorialize my Grandmother Mary who died in early 2000, She was my Father's Mother and very close to me and will be missed everyday.  These past few years also saw the death of 3 of my cats, Smokey who'm i've had since I was a kid, tigger and twit, all shall be missed as well.  On brighter subjects I now have 2 wonderful dogs and 2 cats that wont completly fill the void left by the predicessors but are already giving memories that will last a life time.  Incase your wondering about the other pets on the web page that are still around they are mom's and are living with her.  Experience wise i'm pleased to say that most of my life goals are right on track,  my singing and music have advanced alot over the last few years and i've very pleased with the levels i'm reaching.  Fitness wise after a 2 years of being out of shape i'm glad to say i'm back to my old weight and feel better then ever which is important because i've started training to mountain bike across the country next year!!  Two weeks ago I was in an event known as the 5 boro bike tour which is 43 miles. I used to do this event every year but stopped because it was getting to crouded, this year i figured it was a good endorance test to see if the country is a possiblity next year and i'm pleased to say it was the easiest time i've had on the event!!!  Look back on the web page soon for more pictures and activities to be added (as well as more and more songs!!!)

12/16/01 2:10 AM  This is my first entry in here.  I'll use this to update anyone interested on events in my life.  Got alot to start with but at 2 in the morning i'm too tired to do any more so next entry will be the first full one


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