Name: Patchies
Aprox Age: 15 (died 06/28/97 RIP)
Sex: F
Nick names: Patch, Princess-Pretty-Face, Biggest-Piggest, little brats ola

Unfortionitly Patchies died before I could put this page up for her, I am going to do it anyway to honor her memory. She was the kindest cat I've ever known. Her favorate past time was eatting, don't get in the way of her and F-O-O-D. She treated all the other cats as if she was their mom (except for smokey who liked to attack her from time to time). You would never see her with out hearing her purrrr and even if she was mad she'd start purring again in about 20 seconds!

06/28/97 R.I.P. Patchies. On saturday june 28th, Patchies my beloved cat passed away. Her health was failling for about two weeks and she had what seemed to be a canerious growth. She has been a friend of mine since I was 6 years old, she always actted as a mother to all of my other cats. The one thing she was always know for and always shall is her purring that you could hear from rooms away. Sleep well my friend.

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