Here comes the ZIMC


Greg (Powerplay) and Charlie (Yoshi)

ready to go....


ZIMC? The Heck is that??


Long ago, in the mountains of Tibet, the monks got a little tired of running up and down stairs everyday. So, in a new type of workout, they'd climb up the mountain instead. The climb came to be used in their training later on. By following this training for a while, they found they needed to take climbing to the next level, to bring in their quest for enlightenment. Such became ZEN CLIMBING.

The ZIMC are followers of this ancient art. ZIMC standing for Zen Incorperated Mountain Climbers. We blindfold ourselves, become one with the mountain, and reach for the heavens.


*Mined you, the first paragraph isn't really true, but it would be really cool if it was....


Greg hanging high and showing off

"And Zen there were three" - Poe Wong

Actually, the full statement made by Wise One Snoti Poe Wong is " And Zen there were three. Now go away (CENSORED) face, I'm busy with this joint."

The Three Chosen are Darren, Powerplay, and the mighty Yoshi...We're also willing to train the young and foolish.



Greg trying to make his way up...Charlie on his way up the side...And me, who isn't looking

Here's Charlie, he made it up......Here I am, with bad lighting...And Greg, still trying to make it up


DDue to some picture problems (lighting, the scanning, and skinny arms) some photos were modified so that these problems did not stand out.


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