Biking of any kind has been my favorate sport for a long time. I have been seriously into biking since I was 17. Today I ride mountain trails as well as road. Road wise I like to keep it to ATLEAST 20 miles. Mountain bike wise, if you can make it from one end to another in good shape thats more then enough!!!

As of July 1998 I am pleased to announce I finally made a 100 mile in a day!!! This came from a dream bike ride I've always wanted to do. And thanks to my Friend John it finally became a reality! Basically what we did was took the train from Nassau county to Montauk point (anyone not knowing where this is its the most eastern tip of long island). From there we camped out over night and then biked the 100 miles back, It was a hard trip but well worth it and alot of fun. Anyone who is intersted in trying this trip, Email me! I'd be more then happy to give you the info I have and if you need an extra person i'd be game for it again!

I've been active member of the committies that create and care for the mountain bike trails on long island.

Trails and places you can find me biking:

Eisenhower Park (East Meadow, Long Island) Road bike trails but nice

Jones Beach Bike Trail (Wantaw, Long Island) Road bike/roller blade trail over 8 miles to the beach!

Bethpage Road bike Trail (Bethpage, Long Island) Road bike/roller blade over 16 miles

Bethpage Mountain bike Trail (Bethpage, Long Island) Mountain bike trails that are over 16 miles of single track, bowls and other way cool stuff!

Greenbelt Trail (coldspring-bethpage long island). One of the BEST mountain bike trails on Long Island at least 20-30 miles of trail involving many different terain

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