Well when I'm not running around like a mad man, I love working on music! a keyboardist, singer and a cellist (when I can get another one). I've been writting my own stuff since I was about 16. I am always looking for people to work on songs with. I have never felt such emotions as I do when I work on songs.

People ask me what my style is, the truth is I just composed based on how I feel at the momement or whatever sound grabs me at the time.

Here are some sample files of me singing, all are mpeg files that are lenght stereo songs in a very small file size (REALLY AMAZING how they can do that!).  All background music in any of these cover tunes are from karaoke cd's which have been purchased legaly,  these songs are for demontration of my voice and that of my friends and not to distibute any songs in an illegal nature. Please feel free to download these and listen, but if anyone knows of a problem listing these songs on my web page please advise me and who to talk to about it.

I'm in the process of putting some up to date songs in here, the longer I sing the more my voice improves and the more I look at the old songs posted and say geez I used to sound like that.  I'll also have some live videos on here soon so keep checking in!
Name of song Original performer Singer(s) Name of file File Size/type
Still Loving you Scorpins Me stillloving.mp3 3 meg/mpeg3
Wait (On Stage Version)  White Lion Me waitlive.mp3 4 meg/mpeg3
Kyrie (On Stage Version) Mr. Mister Me kyrielive.mp3 4 meg/mpeg3
Something to Believe in (On Stage Version) Poison Me somethingtolive.mp3 5 meg/mpeg3
Grand Illusion STYX Me grand illusion.mp3 4 meg/mpeg3
Radio Ga Ga Queen Me radiogaga.mp3 5 meg/mpeg3
What About Me Moving Pictures Me whatabout2.mp3 3 meg/mpeg3
Love is on the way Saigon Kick Me loveisonetheway.mp3 4 meg/mpeg3
Sometimes when we touch Dan Hill Me whenwetouch.mp3 3 meg/mpeg3
When I'm with you Sheriff Me whenimwithyou.mp3 3 meg/mpeg3
Just the way you are Billy Joel Charlie justtheway.mp3 4 meg/mpeg3

If you need a MPEG 3 player (mp3 songs wont play without on) here are two programs that can play them

Winamp 2.09 for windows 95/98/NT
MacAmp for 68k and PPC machines

Please note I am not aware if I am allowed to have these files on my site (it is shareware though) so if anyone knows otherwise please let me know and I will remove it!

And Finally I am pleased to announce my first full lenght song is about to be released, it is called "A heart once Torn" and my first full lenght cd soon to follow, if your interested in learning more about these please Email me!
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