Welcome to one of my favorate sports. Windsurfing is a really cool, really safe sport but first you really need a lession before you go out there and try it!!! Me and my friend Ross made the mistake (like most people it seems) of trying to windsurf without a lession, we figured we could pick this up on out own! BOY WHERE WE WRONG! That was about 6 years ago, today I can get people up and sailling in no time, As for myself i've gotten really good at it but I always feel theres room for improvement. If you'd like more info on this great sport or want to learn email me

Places in the NY/NJ area you can catch me windsurinf:

Bayville/center island (long island NY)

Tobay beach (long island NY)

Hecksure State park (Long island NY)

Sandy Hook (NJ)

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